Guns 101: a category with very basic gun information

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A reader of this website recently suggested that I write some articles which provide very basic and simple gun information, geared towards those who don’t know much if anything about firearms.  I think that is a great suggestion, and the first such article will be published later today.  Regular readers who have no need for such beginner information can rest assured that I’ll space these articles out over time, so as to avoid boring you :)

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  • Michael

    Articles for beginners would be a great idea, That is the reason I’m here. I would really appreciate it.

  • Anders
  • David

    Great article. I couldn't ask for a clearer and more concise announcement that there is going to be an article on basic gun information.

  • guest

    Great general info for the newcommer to firearms!

  • Gary

    Uh….where does the article begin???????