Violent Home Invader Fatally Shot by His Victim

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As reported, a home invader who threatened the lives of a woman and a child was shot in self defense by a resident of that home.

Police say that a pair of armed robbers broke in to a home on the 5700 block of Sussex Street in Shreveport, LA, and threatened to kill a woman and a child if they didn’t comply with the robbery.  The home invaders then began to steal from the home, and fired shots from their handguns to further intimidate their victims, according to police.  A resident came home during the robbery, and was shot in the leg by one of the criminals, police say.  At that point, the resident reportedly managed to grab his attacker’s gun and fire in self defense, striking that attacker in head.  Police arrived and the wounded attacker and wounded resident were transported to a local hospital, where the attacker died and the resident was treated then released, according to police.  The dead home invader was reportedly identified as 22 year old Joseph Taylor, and police are said to be seeking a second home invasion suspect.

Those opposed to gun ownership for self defense often argue that a crime victim who is caught unawares will be unable to get their gun and defend themselves. As this case shows, such theoretical arguments don’t necessarily reflect reality. In this case, we have a man who was unarmed, yet managed to grab a a gun from his attacker and defend himself and his family – all after walking in to an in-progress home invasion then being shot.  If this man can successfully grab his attacker’s gun and defend himself, then it follows that an already-armed homeowner would be in an even better position to act in self defense.

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A few recent examples show that point to be true: This homeowner used his gun to defend himself against an attacker who drove across several states to settle a decades old dispute by ambushing him early in the morning.   This man managed to shoot 2 armed robbers in self defense, despite being choked by the robbers and held at gunpoint in his own home. This homeowner managed to get his gun from a drawer, despite the fact that a criminal held a knife to him. This elderly man managed to grab a self defense gun, despite being shocked with a stun gun and beaten by a 24 year old man. This man managed to draw his concealed carry handgun and shoot an armed robber in self defense, despite the fact that that robber was standing behind him and pointing a shotgun at his back. This jewelry store owner managed to grab his gun from under a desk, despite the fact that two robbers were in his store, one of whom had a gun pointed at him. This pawnshop manager managed to shoot an armed in self defense, saving himself and his teenage employee, despite the fact that a gun was being held to that employee’s throat. I could go on with many more examples, but the point should be clear – armed self defense works.

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  • Concerned Citizen

    Did they fail to mention that the victim was a felon, and served time for murdering an air force officer after robbing him. He is a well trained criminal that has reported a well staged home invasion crime. The crime did not take place like reports have stated in the early stages of this investigation. This man planned this set up kill and planned it out very well. The evidence was very scarce but a lot of red flags went up. There was no accomplice! You can search crime stoppers for that area and see that no one is being searched in this crime. Willie Lee Baker killed a Barksdale Air Force officer in 2002, in Shreveport, LA. You can find this information through Google. There was also a shell casin recovered at the scene that had been discharged during this event or recently. No gun to that fired shell casin was recovered. It took this man eight minutes to call 911 according to the bodies evidence. There was no gun residue collected from Baker's hands or clothing. Why? The evidence clearly supported Baker's claims according to the projection patterns. However, a really skilled shooter can stage that. He was clearly a skilled shooter being that he hit Taylor in areas which support that. Shooting him first in the right lung, which probably disabled this man to which he was already extremely intoxicated by 3x's the legal limit. Clearly incapacitated, according to his autopsy report. Then he shot Taylor behind his right ear, without exiting. What range would it take for a 40 Glock to make two very precise hits? Aren't these entries considered the "shoot to kill" locations least likely to occur during a struggle, as it was stated by Baker? Baker stated that a child and his wife were there. Well, why'd the wife leave him next day, move to Fort Smith, Arkansas and put fearful comments on her My Space regarding her husband? Her posts were quite astonishing in deed. Not something you would say about the man that saved your life. Where did the other six guys that helped jump Mr. Taylor go that night? Well, they're still around. On the streets bragging about their part in this crime against Taylor. Willie Baker remains under the radar every day as far as the FBI and DEA/ATF is concerned. A lot of facts were left out of this so-called home invasion. The media took what they received before the investigation took off, and they went with it. This is one crime that has many twists and turns. This felon is free and has been praised for such fine work defending himself and family against an armed intruder. Honestly, this is one case that makes my stomach ill and troubles me. It's not right! I believe in our constitutional rights and our justice system. I just know how certain crimes go down because the evidence just doesn't support the facts. I'm still investigating this crime and accidentally ran across your sit. When I read this story I had to state what I knew. There are things which have never been released to this family that I have posted. It's highly unlikely that they will ever see this article so I chose to share them. I also must mention that Metro wireless only keeps their records sixty days. This material slipped through the cracks and this piece of evidence was never collected. Mr. Baker lost his right to bear arms when he became a convicted felon. He knew that killing Taylor would send him back to prison. He planned it out so carefully to excuse him of criminal intent if he was to use the self-defense tactic. He needed concrete assurance that he would not embark upon any criminal charges so he staged it using the most sensitive touch. A mother and child were used as the perfect plot to set this stage. Any child whom may fear for their morher's life or their own will play this role by the script it's been given. This case is closed but not over! The statute of limitations has no end when it's murder. I will someday solve this crime and justice will be received. I may no longer work with the fine detectives and D.A. That were assigned to this case. Let's just say…..I'm still on the case, while off the case. I hope somehow this story gets the attention it needs and someone comes foward with anything that can help such criminal activity from occurring, while hiding behind the true benefits to bear arms as a citizen.

    • Anonymous

      I dont know who you are but i pray you are still investigating. And if you are, thank you..