Car Wash Robbers Shot in Self Defense by Armed Citizen

Published by the Author on January 21, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Car Wash Robbers Shot in Self Defense by Armed Citizen

As reported, a pair of robbers were shot by their victim at a Kansas City, Kansas car wash.

Police say that a pair of robbers approached a man at the car wash on the 2700 block of Merriam Lane just before 8 AM, and tried to rob the man of his wallet and vehicle.  The man reportedly drew his self defense gun and fired, striking both robbers and ending the attack.  One robber suffered life-threatening injuries and was unable to flee, while the other robber managed to run to a get-away car, which was driven by an accomplice, according to police.  The robber victim was reportedly unharmed, and at least two of the three robbery suspects are already in custody.  One of the robbers reportedly died of his wounds.

When law abiding citizens are armed, and therefore able to defend themselves, this is how robberies can end – with the victims unharmed, and the suspect in custody. Rather than being harmed for not having enough money, or just because the robbers felt like hurting him, this man went home uninjured. It is also quite possible that by defending himself, this man saved many future robbery victims from the terror of being robbed and carjacked by violent criminals.

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