Grove City, Ohio Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense

Published by the Author on November 1, 2009 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Grove City, Ohio Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, police say that the robbery victim was walking his dog at about 11 AM, when an armed robber came up to him, displayed a gun, and demanded his wallet.  The robbery victim complied with the robber’s demands, while drawing his own gun.  At this point, the victim shot the robber in self defense, prompting the robber to flee to a nearby home, police say.  A suspect, Keith Walker Jr., was found laying on the ground and suffering from a gunshot wound, which required emergency surgery at a local hospital.  Another person, Amir Ibrahim, was reportedly arrested and charged with tampering with evidence after he allegedly his the robber’s gun and the victim’s wallet in his home, which is where the robber is said to have run after being shot.  The robbery victim was unharmed.

Once again, concealed carry has allowed a law abiding person who was going about their peaceful business to defend themselves from unprovoked and violent attack.  Had this man not been armed, he could have been harmed by the robber for not having enough money to steal, or perhaps just because the robber felt like harming someone that day.  Make no mistake about it – robbery is a violent crime against a person’s body and life, not just a taking of their property. As such, robbery victims are legally and morally entitled to defend themselves with deadly force.

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