2 Shotguns, 2 Sixteen-year-olds, 2 Different Results

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on November 2, 2009 at 12:01 am
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Contrasting a recent case involving a 16 year old from Dalhart, Texas with a 16 year old trapshooter whom I know reinforces the point that people, not guns, are the cause of crime and negligent shootings:

The 16 year old from Dalhart,Texas

As reported, police say that a 16 year old was hospitalized after he shot himself in the face with a shotgun.  It is alleged that he stole the shotgun while burglarizing a home with an accomplice.  The other suspected burglar, a 17 year old, has reportedly been arrested.

The 16 year old trapshooter whom I know

My fiancé and I have been going trapshooting every Wednesday evening for the last few months.  One of the other traphshooters is a 16 year old who is on his highschool’s trap team.  He is a skillful trapshooter with much more experience than either I or my fiancé possess, and he has kindly offered us useful advice.  I recently scored a perfect 25/25 for the first time, and I would partially attribute my improvement to his tips.  This 16 year old owns about as many firearms as I own, and he has been shooting since about the time that he was old enough to hold a gun and pull the trigger.  I can tell that he takes gun safety quite seriously, and seems to be a rather law abiding person in general.

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The differences between these two 16 year olds

Both of the above discussed individuals are 16 years old.  They both also had access to a shotgun.  The difference is that one of them is an alleged burglar who was also negligent enough to look down the barrel of a loaded gun while pulling the trigger, while the other is a law abiding trapshooter who skillfully uses his gun to participate in a peaceful sport.  What separates these two 16 year olds has virtually nothing to do with guns and everything to do with their character, upbringing, etc.  Those who spend their time fighting against gun rights would do well to redirect their efforts towards the true causes of crime and negligent shootings.  People, not gun, are the true problem.

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  • Bill Matteson

    I have repeatietly asked these questions and never receiving a reply:

    How many "assault weapons are turned in during the Chicago gun buy back programs?

    how many assault weapons are used in crimes and drive by shootings?

    Why are Chicago aldermen allowed to carry concealed weapons even if they are convicted felons?

    Then outlaw handguns for everyone else?

    How come Chicago aldermen are not required to have an Illinois FOID card.?

    How come Chicago Aldermen are not required to wait 72Hours on hand gun purchases?

    Does Mayor Daley carry a S&W revolver?

    Bill Matteson