Louisiana Store Owner Defends Himself Against 3 Violent Armed Robbers

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on February 2, 2010 at 12:01 am
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As reported, a Kenner, Louisiana store owner used his handgun to stop three violent armed robbers.

Police say that just before 9 PM, the owner of a store on the 3200 block of Williams Boulevard was leaving for the day when three robbers approached him in the parking lot.  One of the robbers is said to have pulled out a revolver, which he used to beat the store owner about the head.  The robbers then forced the store owner into a nearby alley, at which point the store owner managed to draw his self defense gun and fire, striking two of the robbers, according to police.  One of the robbers reportedly died at the scene, while the other shot robber is said to have survived after being taken to a local hospital for treatment.  A third suspect reportedly fled and remains at large.  Police have not yet identified those involved, other than to say that the deceased and injured suspects had identification cards from the country of Honduras.

As this case shows, robbery is primarily a violent crime against the victim’s person, rather than against their property.  While it appears that the robbers primary goal was “only” to take this store owner’s hard earned money, they went about accomplishing that goal though a violent attack that could easily have ended with the store owner’s death.  As such, the store owner was legally and morally entitled to fire in self defense.  Thanks to his quick action, a hard working business owner went home to his family, and at least one violent criminal will never again harm another victim.

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