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Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on February 21, 2010 at 12:01 am
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After law school, I moved to Iowa (near the Illinois border) and began working for the Department of Defense legal office where I had interned the previous summer.  While I enjoyed the work and found my colleges to be wonderful individuals, I recently decided that I would rather work in private practice.  Since my fiancé and I enjoy our new friends and the area where we’re living (along with the favorable gun rights), I decided to send my resume only to local law firms, to see if I could find a position in private practice that I would prefer over my Federal Government position –  and if not, to stay with the Federal Government.  I am happy to report that I found just the law firm I was looking for, and will start tomorrow (Monday).

I am quite excited about this new position and the people with whom I’ll be working, along with the fact that I have been encouraged to develop a gun rights practice.

More information will follow once I get settled in at the firm…

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  • Fred

    CONGRATULATIONS! Best wishes for continued success in this new chapter of your career life.

  • Lynda

    In our age when the 2nd Amendment is under assault we need all the advocates of the individual right to bear arms as possible in both private and public law practice. Your new position has so many possibilities to educate through the defense of this right. All the best to you. May you think clearly, act surely and confidently and continue to be a role model in your chosen profession (and maybe run for office?). My admiration and congratulations!

  • Boston Mami

    Congratulations!! And lots of luck!!!

    PS Thank you for a GREAT website.

  • Cory

    Nice one! I hope you enjoy the work there.

  • Dan

    Good for you!

    This country could use more people like you… doing exactly what you have been (and will be) doing. :-)

  • https://www.learnaboutguns.com The LearnAboutGuns.c

    Thank you all – and I'm happy to say that my first day at the firm was great!

  • JR

    "I have been encouraged to develop a gun rights practice."

    Wow, what a perfect fit. Good on you Eric, congratulations!