Robber Shot in Self Defense by his Would-Be Victim

As reported, a would-be robber was reportedly shot in self defense by his victim:

Police say that a man was driving around, looking for an apartment to rent, in the vicinity of Fairfield and College avenues in Indianapolis, IN, when a robber approached him and demanded money.  The man reportedly gave the robber $6, yet a struggle ensued.  At this point, the man drew his handgun and fired one shot in self defense, striking the robber in the stomach and ending the attack, police say.  A suspect was reportedly found nearby, suffering from a gunshot wound, and was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his non-life-threatening injuries.

Those opposed to armed self defense often suggest that a citizen faced with an armed robber will never have time to draw their self defense gun.  This is simply not true, as this case shows.  In another case, a man had an armed robber pointing a gun at the back of his head, yet managed to draw his gun, turn around, and shoot the robber in self defense.  Similarly, in a Florida self defense case, a criminal pointed a shotgun at the back of a man who was unlocking the gate to his property.  That man managed to draw his concealed handgun, turn around, and shoot the robber in self defense, without being shot himself.  As another example, an Oklahoma City man was sleeping in his home, only to be awoken by a criminal standing over him with a knife.  The criminal made the man turn off his home security system, and took the man at gunpoint to the man’s bedroom, demanding money.  With an armed criminal standing at his back, the man pretended to look for money, but instead grabbed a gun from a drawer and opened fire on the robber, saving himself.  Self defense work, as both case studies and statistical evidence makes clear.