Would-be Car Thief Held at Gunpoint by Armed Homeowner

As reported, a homeowner reportedly his gun to hold a would-be car burglar until the police could arrive:

Police say that a man was returning to his Charlotte, NC home when he noticed a burglar attempting to steal his truck.  The homeowner reportedly used the vehicle he was driving to block the driveway, preventing the burglar from getting away, then used a shotgun to hold the burglar until the police arrived.  A television, jewelry, and other valuables from the home are said to have been found in the truck.  A suspect, reportedly identified as Terrell Webber, was apprehended by police, and is said to have confessed to three other burglaries, according to police.  Webber was reportedly charged with four counts of felony breaking and entering, four counts of larceny after breaking and entering, and one count of larceny of a automobile.

This is yet another example of a gun being used for self defense – without a single shot being fired.  Anti gun statistics don’t count such uses, despite the fact that the vast majority of the 2.5 million defensive gun uses each year don’t result in the gun being fired at all.  The fact is that guns stop crime and save lives, often without the need to fire a single shot.