Sporatic Posting for the Next Week or So

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on July 15, 2010 at 12:01 am
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I’m currently preparing to take the Iowa bar exam, and as a result will be posting fewer articles for the next week or so.

For those who are wondering why I am taking the Iowa bar exam: I am already a licensed attorney in the state of Illinois, where I practice law.  However, I live in Iowa and work in Illinois very close to the Iowa border, so it makes sense for me to also get licensed in the state of Iowa.

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  • Dan Cain, Sr.

    I want to wish you well on your exam. It is not everyone who can take the Bar exam and do well with it. We are rooting for you.

  • Lynda

    Thanks for all the work you do on behalf of gun rights. Best of luck on the Iowa bar exam!

  • George Wilson

    Greetings Eric,

    I to want to extend my best wishes too you, and have no doubts about your ability to pass the Iowa state bar exam. I've been receiving emails from your web site for a while now, however this is the first time that I have decided to post a comment.

    I also would like to echo my thanks to you for starting this website, and for all of the time and effort you dedacate in maintainning it and for giving a voice to many gun owners that the anti gun crowd are equally dedacated to silencing.

    Again much thanks to you and God bless


  • Colorado

    Is it true that 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name?

    Good luck on the Bar Exam!

    • https://www.learnaboutguns.com The LearnAboutGuns.c

      Hahaha good one.

      In all seriousness, I've found lawyers as a group to be good people – certainly more so than the average citizen.

      • Colorado

        My concealed carry class had a lawyer in the instructor mix. Lawyers probably have the same representitives as the general population; some groups just get a bad rap.

        How about this one,,,,, Why don't sharks eat lawyers?

        Professional courtesy.

        The world needs more lawyers who know the value of weapons. If I ever move back to Northern Illinois and need a lawyer, I hope you'll be easy to find.

        • https://www.learnaboutguns.com The LearnAboutGuns.com Author

          Thank you :)

  • https://www.learnaboutguns.com The LearnAboutGuns.com Author

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone. To those who have emailed me recently: rest assured, I will reply, once I finish the Iowa bar exam and have the time to give you emails the time they deserve :)