Oak Park, IL: Another Week of Armed Robberies, in spite of the handgun ban

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on October 2, 2008 at 12:30 pm
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It seems that armed robbery in Oak Park, Illinois is becoming a weekly topic for me to write about, and since armed robbery is up 250% this year, I have had plenty of material.  This week is no different, with multiple armed robberies reported – despite the longstanding handgun ban which only serves to leave Oak Park’s law abiding citizens without a means of self defense:

  • Two criminals drove their car onto the apron of a garage on the 1100 block of Wenonah Avenue in Oak Park, IL, blocking the door. One of the criminals then walked up to the homeowner holding a revolver and an empty bag. The robber ordered the homeowner to put his valuables in the bag and then to lie on the ground while the criminal escaped.
  • An Oak Park man walking down Division Street when an SUV pulled out of an alley and blocked the sidewalk. The driver demanded the man’s valuables, and when he refused, the driver told his passenger to get the gun out, and the passenger reached under the seat. The man was robbed of his cell phone and a small amount of cash.

A quick recap as to why the armed robbery has increased:  First, a slim majority of Oak Park residents voted to ban handgun ownership, under penalty of a $1000 – $2000 fine.  This fine, combined with the fact that it was the law, prevented Oak Park’s law abiding citizens from having a gun for self defense. Criminals ignored the handgun ban, and continued to commit shootings and armed robberies, since a $1000 to $2000 fine for gun possession won’t deter someone who is willing to commit serious felonies like robbery or murder.  Criminals recognized that Oak Park citizens are easy targets, and began robbing them at an increasing rate.  Next, Oak Park ran short on money, and decided to cut police protection just as the armed robberies were increasing, while simultaneously wasting money trying to keep the likely unconstitutional handgun ban, instead of acting reasonably and repealing the handgun ban.

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For the good of Oak Park’s mothers and babies, children, women and other citizens, I hope the handgun ban is soon repealed or struck down by the NRA lawsuit, so that those same citizens can defend themselves against home invaders, stop violent stalkers, etc.

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