Armed Homeowners Makes 2 Burglary Suspect Call the Police on Themselves

Published by the Author on August 3, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Homeowners Makes 2 Burglary Suspect Call the Police on Themselves

As reported, a homeowner used his gun to hold a pair of suspected burglars, whom police say were also involved in another burglary in the neighborhood:

Police say that a man was in his Silver Springs Shores, FL home just after 2 PM when two men attempted to open the front door, looked into the home through a side window, then attempted to open the back door while using an article of clothing to avoid leaving fingerprints.  The homeowner reportedly grabbed his pistol and detained the men at gunpoint, making one of the men call the police on himself.  The two men were apprehended, and a television and other property found the men’s car is alleged to have been taken from another home at which a burglary was reported, according to news reports.

Home invasions are a serious threat to the safety of those in the home, as criminals often murder, kidnap, or otherwise harm their innocent victims.  Had this man not had a gun, it is almost certain that he would not have been able to call the police and have them respond quickly enough to save him.  It is also important to note that few unarmed people can successfully fight off a pair of criminals by themselves, especially when those criminals are young males who are near the peak of their physical ability.

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Fortunately, this home owner was prepared, and therefore able to defend himself, and apparently did so without having to fire a single shot.  By saving himself, he was also able to save his loved ones the emotional harm they could have suffered had he been killed or otherwise harmed.  This man’s heroic actions in defending himself have also helped the police in their investigation of another burglary in the neighborhood.

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