Armed Store Clerk Stops 3 Robbers

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As reported, a store clerk used his gun to fend off a trio of robbers:

Police say that three robbers entered Prince’s Food Mart, on the 100 block of Coulter Avenue in Bryan, TX, and demanded money while threatening the clerk.  The store clerk reportedly grabbed his gun and fired at the robbers, apparently striking one of the three men, and causing them all to flee (with the apparently injured robber crawling away).  One suspect was driven to a local hospital by another suspect, for treatment of his gunshot wound, and both suspects were taken into custody, police say.  The third suspect is being sought, and no injuries to the clerk or any bystanders were reported.

Had this store clerk owner been unarmed, he may have been injured or killed, as criminals are known to harm even those victims who obey their demands.  A few examples:  This deli owner cooperated with the armed robber’s demands, only to be shot because there wasn’t enough money in the cash register.  This woman was pistol whipped and then shot by a robber who was angry that the store didn’t have a safe full of cash for him to steal.   This man (the fourth robbery on that page) handed over his valuables, but was then pistol whipped anyway.  This other man was also pistol whipped after complying with a robber’s demands for his valuables. Finally, this man was shot because the home invading robbers weren’t satisfied with the value of his belongings.

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Luckily, this store clerk was wise enough to keep a self defense gun on hand.  As a result, he managed to save himself from a robbery attempt in which he was outnumbered 3-to-1.

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