Store Clerk Fatally Shoots Robber that Tried to Kill Him

Published by the Author on January 28, 2009 at 12:41 pm > Gun Related News > Store Clerk Fatally Shoots Robber that Tried to Kill Him

As reported, 18 year old Raymond Martinez, a reputed gang member bent on committing robbery, entered the Grand Market store in Tuscon, Arizona with an accomplice.   Martinez drew his handgun and fired a shot at the employee, wounding him.  The surprised employee drew his own gun and fatally shot Martinez in the chest, ending the robbery and saving his own life.  The accomplice fled, only to soon be caught by police, and the store clerk was treated for non life threatening injuries at a local hospital.

As we’ve seen before, robbers often become violent – even when a victim complies.  Here we can see a robber taking that approach to a new level, and opening fire without even giving the victim a chance to comply.  Luckily this store clerk had a gun, and was able to save his life from a robber who was bent on also committing murder.  Given the fact that armed robbers tend to be career criminals, it is also likely that other store clerks in the Tuscon area owe this clerk a debt of gratitude, for Raymond Martinez will never again be able to victimize another innocent person who is just trying to make an honest living.

It really is time for the anti gun members of society to recognize that gun control laws don’t disarm criminals, and instead only serve to disarm the law abiding members of society.  Even nation wide gun bans don’t stop criminals from being armed, as the British have learned.

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