Home Invader Fatally Shot by Armed Homeowner

As reported, a home invader was fatally shot in self defense by his would-be victim:

Police say that an intruder broke in to a home on the 2000 block of Abner Drive, in Atlanta, GA, just before midnight.  The homeowner is said to have grabbed his gun and fired at the intruder in self defense, striking the intruder in the chest and ending the home invasion.  A suspect, reportedly identified as 33 year old Rodrick Carter, was taken to a local hospital, and later died of his injuries, according to news reports.  No injuries to the homeowner were reported.

Home invasions are a deadly threat to the occupants of a home. The criminals who commit such crimes often murder, shoot, stab, torture, kidnap, and permanently injure their victims. The result is that the lives of law abiding, innocent people can be ended or ruined in an instant, all because of a criminal’s desire to take what doesn’t belong to them. Fortunately, this homeowner was prepared to defend himself, and as a result survived this home invasion unharmed.