Concealed Carry Options while Riding a Motorcycle?

A visitor to this site recently asked me about concealed carry while riding my motorcycle.  My approach for motorcycle CCW can be seen below, and those who also carry while riding are encouraged to share what has worked for them:

My approach to concealed carry on a motorcycle

When riding, I carry my pistol in a front pocket of my riding jacket.  This is because I find my normal concealed carry holster to be uncomfortable while sitting on my motorcycle (a sport bike), likely due to the sport bike seating position and the geometry of the motorcycle seat and gas tank.  Also, since my riding jacket is 3/4 length and rather stiff, drawing from a waist holster would be rather difficult and slow.

That said, I’m not confident that my solution is all that great.  Since my riding jacket is made of a (Kevlar) mesh, the front pocket isn’t waterproof, so were I to ride in the rain my pistol would get wet. But since I don’t ride my motorcycle very often, I haven’t really been motivated to find a better solution.

Any other motorcycle riders who carry?

Anyone who has suggestions as to concealed carry on a motorcycle is invited to leave a comment below.  I’m sure there are better motorcycle CCW solutions than the one I’ve found…