Concealed Carry Options while Riding a Motorcycle?

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A visitor to this site recently asked me about concealed carry while riding my motorcycle.  My approach for motorcycle CCW can be seen below, and those who also carry while riding are encouraged to share what has worked for them:

My approach to concealed carry on a motorcycle

When riding, I carry my pistol in a front pocket of my riding jacket.  This is because I find my normal concealed carry holster to be uncomfortable while sitting on my motorcycle (a sport bike), likely due to the sport bike seating position and the geometry of the motorcycle seat and gas tank.  Also, since my riding jacket is 3/4 length and rather stiff, drawing from a waist holster would be rather difficult and slow.

That said, I’m not confident that my solution is all that great.  Since my riding jacket is made of a (Kevlar) mesh, the front pocket isn’t waterproof, so were I to ride in the rain my pistol would get wet. But since I don’t ride my motorcycle very often, I haven’t really been motivated to find a better solution.

Any other motorcycle riders who carry?

Anyone who has suggestions as to concealed carry on a motorcycle is invited to leave a comment below.  I’m sure there are better motorcycle CCW solutions than the one I’ve found…

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  • Skippy

    I no longer ride, but think a shoulder holster or a holster shirt (similar to the ones made by 5.11) could be an option. A concern I would have with a hip-carried gun would be landing on it or loosing it if I went down. Naturally, we never plan to, but…..

  • Cory

    Ever seen Terminator 2? Shotgun saddlebag, oh yeah baby!

  • Cory

    Seriously though, shoulder holster under the motorcycle jacket. Belly band under all of it. Anything but an ankle rig.

  • JoeFromSidney

    I'm not a motorcycle rider, but I carry while riding a bicycle. I use an IWB holster, with a long T-shirt or sweatshirt over it.

    Don't know if that would work on a motorcycle, but I've found it works OK for me.

  • Motorcycle Pants

    Thanks. Your Blog reads well, I like it, keep at it, love it.

  • Big Ugly

    I ride, a lot.
    I also carry – openly, in a shoulder rig, an XD-45 with two extra mags on the off-side.
    The only problem with handguns and motorcycles is that you MUST draw the weapon with your left hand – your right hand is for the throttle.

    I wear an Uncle Mike's #5 or #15, horizontal shoulder rig under my jacket. All of my zipper pulls have a 4 or 5" piece of leather added so that the zipper can be pulled with a gloved hand. Simple matter to pull the zipper, pull the glove w/ teeth, reach in and unholster. I've only had to do this once – so far. I pray to God that I never have to pull it again, or, especially, to use it.

    I hope this helps, you know – voice of experience and all that.
    Big Ugly – Wyoming

  • Steve Cornwell

    NAA .22 Mag Mini revolver with the folding grip clipped IWB and a T-Shirt cover for warm weather or I prefer a holster shirt with a S&W 340 ultra light .357 J frame for use when it is cool enough for a sweatshirt or jacket.

  • Nomad

    Hello. I'm a long time biker…been riding in the dirt and on the highways. At present I ride a HD Road King.

    There are several different ways I have found to carry while riding here in Georgia. Keep in mind what follows is ONLY my observations about physically carrying, NOT weapons carry laws in Georgia.

    Solution 1: Shoulder Holster
    I have a Blackhawk Shoulder Holster for my GEN3 Glock 19, Compact 9mm. This works great for open carry, but has some issues when considering concealed carry.
    The jacket can be a problem. First, it makes drawing quickly impossible, regardless of which jacket you use. When riding with an old-school WWII style "bomber" jacket, which fits rather loose around the midsection, I have very little trouble and it works Okay. It would work better if I carried a subcompact or palm pistol. With a classical leather "biker" jacket, like I normally ride with (I ride with one of Fieldsheer's leather biker jackets), it doesn't work worth a damn. The pistol simply doesn't fit very well under the tight-fitting leather, armor pads, and liner. A giant lump under my left arm is clearly visible and it is uncomfortable as hell. For my gun, shoulder holster is a bust, though I imagine with a subcompact or other similarly-sized pistol, it may work much better.

    Solution #2: Sky-Cop Concealable Holster, Top Cop Holster, or similar design
    These are waist holsters in strong-side and cross-draw configurations. They are designed for air-marshals who carry on airplanes, crammed into a coach seat for hours and hours on end. These particular holsters hold the weapon higher than others, which allows easy concealability under a jacket – tight fitting or loose – and is comfortable in almost every seating position that I've tried with it. It's a great solution for cruisers and dirtbikes, and I believe also one of the best solutions for sport-bikers as well. I have some experience on Busa's and ZX-14's, and the holster has performed marvelously. Since it holds the gun high on the belt-line, the bulk of the gun is up and out of the way of your leg, regardless of how cramped the rice-burner is.

    Solution #3: Ankle Holsters
    People don't put much stock in ankle holsters for bikers, but for a backup carry weapon, I've had great success with them. Is it immediately available while you're riding? No. But neither is your primary, if you're riding in leathers (like you should be). Ankle holsters in a boot are out of the way, comfortable, and relatively easy to get to in a pinch. I wouldn't use one for my primary, because the frame is a little large for that, but for a subcompact glock or similarly sized weapon, I find this to be a great solution. Myself, I like carrying a .38 special on my ankle.

    My top pick for concealed carry on a motorcycle is the Sky-Cop or Top Cop concealable holsters (I got mine from glockstore).
    For open-carry, I prefer the shoulder holster, but the Sky-Cop or Top Cop holsters would also work for this.

  • Matt

    This link isn't especially relevant to your question but you might find it interesting.….

  • jeff

    They also make jackets and vests with CW pockets built in w/ elastic holders for gum and a clip. its my fav

  • coconut not

    I attached holster near the accelerator for quick reaction and easy to draw firearm and sometimes I hold my firearm while driving