Concealed Carry Enables Citizen to Stop Violent ATM Robber

Published by the Author on January 10, 2016 at 12:09 pm > Gun Related News > Concealed Carry Enables Citizen to Stop Violent ATM Robber

As reported, a robber in Fresno, CA and his accomplice were stopped by a concealed carry permit holder who acted in self defense.

Police say that at around 5:15am a sanitation worker was using an ATM in Fesno, California when a robber attempted to stun him with a stun gun, in both the neck and the back. The worker reportedly made it back to his vehicle, grabbed his handgun, and held the robber at gunpoint. An accomplice driving a vehicle is said to have attempted to free the robber by striking the worker’s vehicle, at which point he is said to have fired in self defense, striking the accomplice and causing both criminals to flee. One suspect was in custody and police are seeking the other, according to news reports. The vehicle used by the suspects was reportedly stolen during a separate carjacking in Sacramento, CA.

Robbery is primarily a crime against a person’s body, rather than a crime against their property. For that reason alone, a criminal who commits robbery is not the kind of person to whom anyone should wish to trust their life and safety.  Unfortunately, complying with a robber’s demands in the hope that they will decide not to inflict harm is to do exactly that.

I have written about hundreds of real-life armed self defense examples on this website, but they are only a tiny portion of the approximately 2.5 million times that Americans use in a gun self defense each year.  Such armed citizens save themselves from crime, and also save other would-be victims when the criminal is prevented from victimizing another person in the future.

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