Video-Lottery Parlor Robber Shot in Self Defense by an Armed Employee

Published by the Author on September 9, 2010 at 12:01 pm > Gun Related News > Video-Lottery Parlor Robber Shot in Self Defense by an Armed Employee

As reported, a masked man who set out to rob a video-lottery parlor was shot in self defense by an employee:
Police say that a robber, whose face was covered with a bandana, entered Theresa’s Cafe in Kanawha County, WV, brandished a shotgun, and ordered everyone to get on the floor and hand over their money.  As the customers dove to the floor, an employee is said to have draw and fired his .44 Magnum handgun, striking the robber in the torso.   The robber reportedly fled the building, exchanged a few shots with the employee on his way to the parking lot, and then escaped in a vehicle.  A suspect, reportedly identified as Chad Wherley, 29, of Clendenin was found at a nearby hospital while seeking treatment for a gunshot wound, and will face charges of armed robbery and wanton endangerment when he’s released from the hospital, according to police.  None of the employees, customers, or bystanders were harmed.

Those who oppose armed self defense should also note the great many cases like this, where a law abiding citizen uses their gun for self defense in a busy area, and not one bystander is harmed. Remember, statistics show that armed citizens are much less likely than the police to shoot the wrong person.

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