Evening Burglar Fatally Shot by Lancaster, TX Homeowner

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on November 23, 2010 at 12:01 am
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As reported, a homeowner  used his gun to stop a burglar:

Police say that just before 6:45pm, a homeowner encountered a burglar in his house on the 100 block of West 4th Street in Lancaster, Texas.  Acting in self defense, the homeowner is said to have fired his gun, striking the burglar and ending the home invasion.  Upon arriving at the scene, police reportedly found the body 19 year old David Franco Ruiz. No injuries to the homeowner or any bystanders were mentioned in news reports.

Once again, we have an armed citizen who was able to successfully defend themselves – as happens about 2.5 million times each year in the USA.  Rather than being harmed because he had nothing of sufficient value for the burglar to take, or just because the burglar was in a sadistic mood, this man was able to avoid injury.  In addition to saving himself, this homeowner’s self defense actions likely saved others from suffering a similar fate in the future.

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  • anonymous

    I happen to know that the 19 year old was drunk and stumbled into the wrong house (as dropped off by a friend down the street), a few doors down from his brother's house. On accident and being drunk with headphones on, he was obviously not paying attention, unarmed without even a pocket knife or nail file, and he was shot SIX TIMES by the homeowner who is now under investigation. While he should not have been drinking as it were, it was a senseless killing and unnecessary.

  • Hicus Dicus

    I have no sympathy for people who intentionally get drunk and even less for so called friends who take no responsibility for their care. If some one showed up in my house in the middle of the night and I did not know them I would not start a question and answer session.If I could I would sue his estate for repairs and cleaning up the blood. Drunks kill more people than guns do.