Marietta, Georgia Liquor Store Clerk Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense

Published by the Author on December 10, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Marietta, Georgia Liquor Store Clerk Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense

A liquor store clerk reportedly used his gun to stop a pair of armed and violent robbers.

Police say that at about 11:30pm, two men entered the Windy Hill Bottle Shop in Marietta, Georgia, and held the clerk at gunpoint as part of a robbery attempt.  Fearing for his life, the clerk reportedly drew his own gun, at which point both the robbers and the clerk opened fire.  One of the suspects was hit and died from his wounds, while the other fled, leaving the clerk unharmed, according to news reports.  A search for the second suspect is said to be underway.

Armed robberies are a deadly threat for the employees and patrons of a business.  Had this clerk been unarmed, he could have ended up shot like this deli owner, this bakery worker, this man, or this woman, as criminals often shoot even those victims who fully cooperate.  Attempting to run away often leaves a robbery victim shot as well, as this man learned.  Luckily, this clerk was armed, and as a result was able to defend himself against this violent robbery attempt.  As a result, he went home unharmed and a suspect is in custody.  Simply put, armed self defense works.

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  • Wilsonsez

    I can't comprehend why the anti-gunners are so diligently opposed to guns in the hands of legally armed citizens when they read of an occurring incident such as this. When crying foul the Brady bunch should consider the armed criminals as the bad guys instead of classifying every gun owner in the same category since he may be defending himself his family his co-workers or possibly a gathering of school aged children…..
    It is preposterous to think of disarming US citizens that have a Second Amendment guaranteed right to bear arms. Like the man said, "self defense is working." My freezers are now almost full of wild game meat too thanks to the fore-sight of our founding fathers and John Browning.

  • KeineUnterdrückung

    I choose not to label myself as "liberal or conservative", but that's one major point I disagree with many liberals about. Gun control doesn't make it harder for criminals to get guns, they are always one step ahead. It actually DISARMS law-abiding citizens who wish to simply defend themselves. There is nothing constitutional about taking protection from those who need it.