Robber Fatally Shot in Wichita, KS Store Had Previously Robbed the Same Store

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Earlier this week, I wrote about a self defense shooting in Whichita, KS, in which one of the robbers was fatally wounded by the armed clerk who acted in self defense.  News reports state that the robber, identified as Giorgio J. Rock, had an extensive criminal record and had robbed the same store a week before he was fatally shot:


The teenager who was shot to death by a convenience store clerk Thanksgiving night had robbed the same business a week earlier, police said Monday.

Giorgio J. Rock, 16, was one of three men who tried to rob the KC Gas & Groceries store at 1161 N. Broadway at about 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Wichita police Lt. Todd Ojile said.


A warrant for Rock’s arrest was issued on Nov. 5, according to Sedgwick County District Court records. He was wanted for violating probation.

Rock had numerous criminal charges filed against him over the past two years, including battery, theft and possession of drug precursors and paraphernalia. He had been charged with battery as recently as Oct. 29, court records show.

Criminals who commit robberies, burglaries, rapes, or other such crimes are not likely to stop after their first offense.  Instead, they tend to go on victimizing people until someone stops them.  Here, by stopping the robbers, this store clerk protected not only his own life, but likely the lives of the deceased robber’s future victims.  Armed self defense works.

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