Serial Burglar Shot by Armed Homeowner

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As reported,  a man who police describe as a repeat burglar was reportedly shot in self defense by his would-be victim:

Police say that a 65 year old man from Kershaw County, WI, whose son was recently the victim of a burglary, decided to keep his own gun nearby while at home, just in case a burglar should come to his home.  As the homeowner was taking off his shoes, a burglar reportedly burst into the house, at which point the homeowner fired in self defense.  A suspect, reportedly identified as Stony Lee Wilson, was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his non-life-threatening gunshot injuries, and will face charges for a string of burglaries, according to police.

A recurring theme that I hear in anti gun arguments is the mistaken idea that if a person is law abiding and doesn’t get involved with criminals, then they won’t really have to worry about being attacked by criminals.  While some crime is certainly criminal-on-criminal as they try to steal each other’s drugs and drug profits, there is plenty of crime randomly directed at law abiding citizens, as this case shows.  A few additional examples:  This unarmed family had a random home invader come to their house, make them strip naked, rob them, and sexually assault their 10 year old daughter.  This unarmed 85 year old woman had a home invading rapist randomly break into her home, rob her, and brutally rape her in multiple rooms of her house.  These unarmed motorists and pedestrians were randomly targeted for robbery, kidnapping, and sexual assault.  This elderly woman was raped and then set on fire after being randomly selected by a violent criminal.  Crime can happen to anyone, even if they are the most law abiding and respected member of their community – and it is therefore wise to be capable of defending oneself and one’s family.

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