Rockford, IL Jewelry Store Robber Shot by Armed Employee

Published by the Author on December 2, 2012 at 12:00 pm > Gun Related News > Rockford, IL Jewelry Store Robber Shot by Armed Employee

As reported, an armed robber who entered a Rockford, IL jewelry store was shot in self defense by an employee:

Police say that at about 5:00pm, a robber entered Jewelry Concepts in Rockford’s North Town Mall, armed with a gun.  An employee of the store is said to have fatally shot the robber in self defense.  No injuries to any employees or customers were reported.

Once again, guns are a valuable self defense tool.  Unarmed individuals can suffer a terrible fate when a criminal robs them, even if they fully cooperate with the criminal’s demands.  The same is true for those who try to run from the robber.

I would also note that here, like the overwhelming majority of self defense gun uses, neither the victim nor any innocent bystanders are harmed.  Those opposed to gun rights like to suggest that armed citizens will mow down innocent bystanders while defending themselves from criminals.  This is simply not the case.  Instead, the statistics show that civilians who fire in self defense are 5.5 times less likely than the police to shoot the wrong person.  Sadly, this utterly unfounded belief that armed law abiding citizens are somehow a danger persists, even among those who really should know better.

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