The Sad Passing of Alan Grossmann

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I have learned that Alan Grossman,  an all around excellent firearms instructor and human being, has passed away.  My deepest condolences to his family:

We regret to inform everyone that our dearest friend and Tactical Shot President & Lead Instructor, ALAN GROSSMANN has passed away.
Al is survived by his lovely wife Carol, and his children: Alan, Katy and Alana. Along with recently becoming a grandfather, Al will always be known as a great friend, amazing businessman and one of the best Firearm Trainers in the world!  [ – Maxon]

I had the pleasure of meeting Al at the Maxon gun store and range near Chicago, and also when he taught the NRA Basic Pistol Course that I needed to obtain my Permit to Carry Weapons in Iowa. Al made the course both educational and enjoyable.  It was clear how much Al cared about his students, and how much he enjoyed helping others become safer gun owners. Despite having spent quite a bit of time learning about firearms beforehand, I learned a lot from him.

The wisdom that Al shared stuck with me – and helped encourage me to become an NRA instructor. Some of the information that he taught me now makes its way into the classes that I have given to enable law abiding citizens to obtain their own Permit to Carry Weapons in Iowa.

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We will miss you Al! Rest in peace.

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