Restore the Iowa National Guard’s Ability to Carry

Published by the Author on August 6, 2015 at 12:45 pm > Help Protect Our Gun Rights > Restore the Iowa National Guard’s Ability to Carry

From the IFC:

After the July 16th murder of four US Marines and one sailor in Chattanooga, Tennessee governors of seven states — Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin — have issued orders that members of their state’s National Guard be armed in the wake of yet another domestic terrorist attack targeting US service members.

It’s high time Iowa’s National Guard has their ability to carry restored.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has right and the ability to re-arm Iowa’s Guardsmen. Monday, July 20th, Branstad issued a statement calling for “Federal cooperation to address the issue nationally.”

Naturally, we’d love see all US troops given the right to carry, but frankly considering the current administration’s stance towards the Second Amendment, this appears unlikely. While we can’t realistically expect a change on a national level, action can still be taken closer to home.

Governor Branstad has asked Major General Timothy Orr of the Iowa National Guard to “assess the protection for those working at the Guard’s military facilities and recruitment sites.”

It doesn’t take much assessment to see American troops on US soil are being specifically targeted. What’s worse, a combination of archaic out of date orders and “Gun Free Zones” prevent our nation’s warriors from being able to defend themselves here at home.

It’s time for change, and it’s time that change starts here in Iowa.

Carrying a firearm won’t make members of the Iowa National Guard invincible. But it will give them a fighting chance when radicals like Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, or Nidal Malik Hasan, or lunatics like Aaron Alexis start terrorizing US military bases and recruiting stations.

Please contact Governor Terry Branstad’s office and tell him “Re-arm the Iowa National Guard. I don’t want to see what happened in Chattanooga happen in Iowa.”

IFC’s pre-written email to the governor takes less than 60 seconds to send. Please sign and share!

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