Armed Israeli Bystanders Stop a Terrorist Attack

As reported, armed Israelis in Jerusalem used their guns to stop a terrorist who had rammed his car into pedestrians near a bus stop, and who was armed with an axe.

Police say that 21 year old Abed Almohsin Hassoneh rammed his car into a crowded bus stop near the Western entrance to Jerusalem, before being fatally shot by armed citizens who were nearby. The attacker was found to have an axe in his car, and it is believed that his intention was to ram as many pedestrians as possible before exiting his vehicle to attack with the axe. The mayor of Jerusalem praised the “immediate alertness” of bystanders who averted “a grave tragedy.”

Attacks by terrorists who use everyday tools such as construction equipment are sadly nothing new in Israel.  However they are often stopped by armed citizens.  Civilian gun ownership has a proven track record of stopping terrorism, while unarmed citizens are massacred when criminals, terrorists, or the mentally ill go on a rampage.