Armed Cocoa, FL Store Owner Stops Armed Robbers

Published by the Author on January 16, 2016 at 12:37 pm > Gun Related News > Armed Cocoa, FL Store Owner Stops Armed Robbers

As reported, a Cooca, Florida store owner used his gun to stop a pair of armed robbers.

Police say that two armed robbers entered the Chevron gas station convenience store on South Cocoa Blvd, and pointed a gun at the owner as part of a robbery attempt. The owner reportedly grabbed his own gun and fired in self defense, striking one robber and sending the other fleeing. A suspect was taken to a local hospital, and no injuries to the clerk were reported, according to news sources.

Here we have yet another store owner who has saved himself from a violent robbery attempt.  In doing so he has ensured that he will return home to his family, rather than having them mourn his death at the hands of a violent criminal.  As an added bonus, society as a whole also benefits from this store owner’s self defense actions.

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