Store Owner Stops a Trio of Armed Robbers

Published by the Author on January 27, 2016 at 11:25 am > Gun Related News > Store Owner Stops a Trio of Armed Robbers

As reported, a Dallas, TX convenience store owner used his gun to stop 3 armed robbers.

Police say that three robbers entered the Shop-N-Go on Columbia Avenue as part of a robbery attempt.  The store owner is said to have drawn and fired his own gun, striking one of the robbers and sending all three fleeing.  A dead suspect was found in the parking lot, and police are seeking the other two suspects.  Police believe the robbers involved in this case were the same robbers who struck at another store that same night.  No injuries to the store owner were reported.

Those who work in convenience stores are sadly often targeted by criminals who care more about making a quick buck than the lives of the people they harm.  Being armed for self defense can allow a convenience store owner or employee to save themselves and others from violent attacks.  This case, and the many other examples, make that point abundantly clear.

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