Store Clerk Takes a Robber’s Gun and Shoots the Robber with that Gun

Published by the Author on August 7, 2018 at 4:47 pm > Gun Related News > Store Clerk Takes a Robber’s Gun and Shoots the Robber with that Gun

A convenience store clerk in Durham, North Carolina disarmed an armed robber and then shot that robber with his own gun.

Police say that around 9:30am, an armed robber entered the convenience store and acted as though he was going to purchase a beverage, only to instead produce a handgun as part of a robbery attempt. The clerk reportedly wrestled the gun away from the robber, turned it on the robber and fired, striking the robber and sending him fleeting.  A suspect was later found, treated at a local hospital, and then arrested, according to news reports.  No injuries to the clerk were reported.

A common argument against armed self defense centers around the (plainly incorrect) idea that a crime victim will not be able to react in time to stop the criminal.  That argument fails when we look at the many self defense examples from this website alone in which a person at a seeming disadvantage is able to turn the tables on their attacker when armed.

This case from Durham, N.C. takes that a step further in that the victim didn’t even have a gun, while the robber was armed and had the element of surprise. Despite those significant disadvantages, the clerk managed to avoid being shot, take the gun, and successfully shoot the robber.

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