Virginia Homeowner Shoots Burglar in Self Defense

Published by the Author on August 6, 2018 at 10:58 pm > Gun Related News > Virginia Homeowner Shoots Burglar in Self Defense

A Fairfax County, VA homeowner reportedly used his gun to stop a burglar at 5 A.M.

Police say that a homeowner, who lives in a neighborhood that was experiencing a series of burglaries, noticed a man attempting to break into the back of his home.  The homeowner is said to have confronted the burglar and opened fire, striking the burglar and causing him to flee.  After unsuccessfully attempting to flee into other homes, a suspect reportedly made it to a local hospital where he is expected to recover before facing charges.  No injuries to the homeowner or neighbors were reported.

By the time the police respond to a 911 call, the crime in question may very well have been completed. Even the best circumstances, the police are minutes away, while a shootingrapemurderrobberyhome invasion, or other violent crime can take place in just seconds. Luckily, this homeowner had a gun for self defense, and as a result was able to defend himself right then and there.  In doing so, this homeowner may also have prevented many other people from having their homes burglarized (or worse).  Armed self defense works, and benefits both the individual and society as a whole.

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