Armed Store Clerk Defense Self Against Violent Robber

A store clerk in Houston, Texas used his gun in self defense to stop a violent armed robber.News reports say that at about 10:00pm, a man attempted to use a fake $20 bill to make a purchase at a store in Houston, Texas. The clerk told the man that the bill was counterfeit, at which point the man opened fire with a gun, prompting the clerk to return fire in self defense. The would-be counterfeiter and robber was fatally shot by the clerk, who was uninjured.

Here we have yet another store clerk who has saved himself from a violent robbery attempt.  In doing so he has ensured that he will return home to his family, rather than having them mourn his death at the hands of a violent criminal.  As an added bonus, society as a whole also benefits from this store clerk’s self defense actions.  Armed self defense works.