I claim copyright in my content
As the Author of LearnAboutGuns.com, I claim copyright in the content I have created. I, of course, claim no copyright in content that I have not created (such as some of the video clips from YouTube, ISRA notices, etc.)

I’m willing to grant permission to those who wish to reproduce my work to support gun rights
However, my primary goal in spending hundreds of hours working on this website has been to promote gun rights and self defense, rather than my own financial gain. Towards that end I wish to see my articles widely disseminated.  Therefore, I am generally willing to grant permission to those who wish to use my work to advance gun rights.  For example, I have allowed several articles to be reprinted in magazines and brochures that promoted gun rights.  I have also allowed multiple websites to syndicate my content.  In fact, I have yet to refuse anyone’s request for permission to reprint or use my work, so long as they attribute the work to LearnAboutGuns.com and ask my permission first.  Those who are interested in receiving permission to reprint or otherwise use my work can email me.  It is overwhelmingly likely that I will give you permission to reproduce my content for free :)

However I won’t tolerate content theft
Those that are considering just ripping off my content without asking should be aware that I am an attorney.   I have no patience for those that steal content from my website and place it on their own advertising-plastered websites in order to make themselves money. I enjoy asserting my legal rights, and don’t fear litigation.  I won’t hesitate to issue DMCA take down notices to the hosting providers of those who infringe my copyrights, and then sue the infringer themselves for the copyright violations (with huge statutory damages).  In short, potential infringers are on notice.