Burglars for Gun Control Video Clip

The senseless gun violence of homeowners against criminals must end! George recounts the traumatic night when his friend and partner-in-crime Larry lost his life while breaking into the home of Michelle, a woman who used an actual GUN to defend her child.

Gun Shaped Cloud Spotted Over School – All Students Suspended for 5 Days

I thought I would point out a (satirical) picture titled “Gun Shaped Cloud Spotted Over School – All Students Suspended for 5 Days.”  Given the trend of suspending a 7 year old for having a pastry shaped like a gun and suspending a 6 year old for making a gun shape with his hand, I imagine this isn’t too far from reality.

“Top 10 Martial Arts for Self Defense”

I would like to point out an interesting article entitled “Top 10 Martial Arts for Self Defense.” It provides information about various martial arts and their suitability for self defense. At the end of the article is a bonus “martial art” that beats the other 10, hands down, and is endorsed by some of the most famous martial artists: It’s something of a joke, and out of regard for the popular definition of “martial arts,” firearms were left off the … Continued

“Exciting new way of cooking Bacon (with pictures)”

Below is a post from Reddit that I found to be entertaining enough to repost here.  It involves bacon and a machine gun: I’ve discovered a new way of cooking bacon. All you need is: bacon, tin foil, some string, and.. oh whats it called?… oh yeah, an old worn out 7.62mm machinegun that is about to be discarded, and about 200 rounds of ammunition. You start by wrapping the barrel in tin foil. Then you wrap bacon around it, … Continued

“Disguised Weapons”

I recently read an article from Don’tEvenReply.com, which I found to be quite funny.  It involves a person’s humorous attempt at creating (poorly) disguised weapons for self defense.  While I normally prefer to focus on the serious issue of gun rights and self defense, I found this article and its pictures to be too funny to not post.  An exerpt from the article: This cleverly disguised weapon may look like a tissue box, but is actually a Benelli M3 12 … Continued

A Particularly Painful Negligent Shooting Case

As reported, a 15 year old Brooklyn, NY boy had a handgun tucked in his waistband while walking home at 1:30AM, police say.  The pistol began to slide out from his waistband, and he tried to catch it, but  instead of catching the pistol, the boy managed to squeeze the trigger, shooting himself in the penis, according to police.  The boy managed to make it home and told his mother, at which point she rushed him to the hospital for … Continued

The World’s Most Incompetent Armed Robber

As reported, an armed robber entered a Port Royal, VA bank and demanded money while threatening the life of a teller.  After receiving several thousand dollars, the robber fled back to his vehicle, dropping $100 bill along the way.  When he got to his vehicle, he realized that he had locked the keys inside, and tried to break open a window using a piece of wood.  The robber succeeded only at drawing the attention of two auto shop workers, whose … Continued

Preliminary Concealed Carry Observations

As I happily mentioned a few days ago, I now live in Iowa, and have a concealed carry permit.  One of the holsters that I ordered arrived, and I’ve been carrying.  Some of my preliminary observations are below:

“Banana Gun” Robber Foiled

As reported, a 17 year old allegedly entered an internet cafe in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with a banana under his shirt.  The teenager is then said to have pretended that the banana was a gun, while demanding money.  The cafe’s owner and customers tackled the would-be robber, and called the police.  However before the police arrived, the teenager is said to have eaten the banana, causing police to jokingly suggest that he also be charged with destroying evidence.  The banana’s … Continued

The Real Cause of Violence (courtsey of The Onion)

Anti gun individuals like to blame guns and other objects that looks vaguely like guns for the violence in society, despite the fact that violence has been around a lot longer than guns, and criminals use many other tools to kill.  However, as The Onion points out, it appears the real problem is violence in our dreams:

The Cause of England’s Violent Crime: The iPhone

I’ve written a few articles about England, primarily because it is a western country that banned guns and banned self defense.  The result is that gun related crime and knife related crime skyrocketed, as criminals continued to possess weapons and use them against now-defenseless victims.  I was under the impression that this increase in crime was caused by a variety of societal factors, combined with the disarming of future crime victims, however it turns out that the true culprit is … Continued

The Onion on Hollow Point Bullets

One of my favorite websites is The Onion – a satirical “news” website/newspaper.  Unfortunately their latest video clip is something that I don’t find to be quite as funny as the rest of their work:

Some Gun and Doctor Humor

In response to the article where I discussed my doctor’s desire to know whether I was a gun owner, I received this rather humorous information by email:

Gun Cake

My girlfriend is in culinary school, and works for a bakery.  Usually, her work bears no relation to guns… Until recently, that is:

“You Might Be a Gun Nut If…”

Since the election results mean that this is not an uplifting time for gun rights advocates, perhaps this entertaining post will lighten the mood.

Hurricane Guns?

Before each of the major hurricanes this year, I’ve seen people arrive at this site after searching for “hurricane gun”, and similar terms.  At first I attributed this to people worried about the wrongful gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina, but upon further review it seems that was not what people were looking for:

A Very Unusual Home Invasion

When I mention home invasions as a reason to have a gun, I’m usually thinking of home invasions such as this or this.  However there was a quite unusual home invasion, in which dinner ingredients were the weapon used by the perpetrator:

A Must-Read Article on “Assault Weapons” and “Saturday Night Specials”

Gary Reed has written a great article addressing the use of terms such as “assault weapon” and “Saturday night special.”  Here is one of the more humerus quotes: “Hometown Herald – A pair of assault thugs stole a Ford Saturday Night Special Crew Cab and drove it through the front door of the Saturday Nyte Special 99 Cent Store. They attacked the ATM with an assault crowbar, but the shop owner drove them off with a small self-defense assaultin’ pepperbox … Continued

How To Prevent All Gun Related Crime Video Clip

This satirical video clip has the solution for preventing murder, armed robbery, rape, home invasions, school shootings, racist attackers, and psychopathic killers.  Personally, I’ll stick with having a shotgun for home defense.

Rubber Band Gun Video Clip

Although the focus of LearnAboutGuns.com is generally a serious discussion of guns, gun rights, and self defense, this article is decidedly light hearted.  Below is a video clip of a rubber band machine gun, with a rate of fire in excess of 40 rubber bands per second.  Called the “Disintegrator,” this rubber band launcher has two counter rotating cylinders, driven by electric motors.  The video clip can be seen below:

The Solution to Crime is Not a Handgun Ban, but a Hand Ban

Many gun control advocates argue that we need handgun bans in order to prevent crime. Empirical evidence collected from cities that have handgun bans (such as Chicago and D.C.) flatly disprove that idea. It appears that a hand ban, rather than a handgun ban, might better prevent crime. Allow me to explain:

Reasons to Support Gun Control

I’ve noticed that a fair number of people who visit this website search on Google for “reasons to support gun control”, despite the pro-gun-rights nature of this website. I’ve decided to write this article listing reasons to support gun control, for those visitors.