Armed Robber Stopped by 2 Armed Bystanders – and then Bitten by a Dog

Published by the Author on January 12, 2013 at 1:09 am > Gun Related News > Armed Robber Stopped by 2 Armed Bystanders – and then Bitten by a Dog

As reported, an armed robber in Houston, Texas was reportedly stopped by a pair of armed bystanders, and then bitten by a dog as he attempted to flee.

Police say that at about 9:00pm on Thursday, a man got into his Mustang near the intersection of Wichita Street and Oak Avenue, in Houston, Texas.  An armed robber is said to have appeared, pointed a gun at the man, and demanded his valuables.  Two armed citizens passing by in a Mercedes noticed the robbery, asked the man in the Mustang if he was being robbed, and upon hearing a “yes,” opened fire on the robber, according to news reports.  The robber was hit once in the abdomen, and attempted to flee on foot, only to be bitten by a nearby dog, according to police.  A suspect was reportedly apprehended by police and taken to a local hospital in serious but stable condition, and is expected to survive and face charges.  No injuries to the robbery victim, the armed bystanders, or any other innocent people were reported.

I would note that this self defense shooting, like the overwhelming majority of self defense shootings, did not result in any innocent bystanders being harmed.  Anti gun people like to suggest that self defense gun uses result in wild west shootouts, leaving innocent people injured or killed.  That is just not reality, plain and simple.  The fact is that such cases of bystander injury are quite rare, and armed citizens have been shown to be 5.5 times less likely to shoot the wrong person than the police.

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