Ask the Wood Dale Aldermen to Support a Shooting Range

Published by the Author on April 14, 2008 at 5:21 pm > Gun Related News > Ask the Wood Dale Aldermen to Support a Shooting Range

The Wood Dale city council is considering whether to support the construction of an open shooting range. This will benefit gun owners, and would also benefit the city of Wood Dale through increased revenue. Since the anti-gun lobby will be hard at work block this effort, please contact the Wood Dale city council and voice your support.

Please contact the members of the Wood Dale City Council today and politely urge them to support the building of an open shooting range.

Alderman Joseph Kolz (Ward 1)
(630) 766-0724

Alderman Nunzio Pulice (Ward 1)
(630) 595-8545

Alderman Edward Kneip (Ward 2)
(630) 595-7536

Alderman John Kadala (Ward 2)
(630) 595-3955

Alderman Daniel Shawke (Ward 3)
(630) 766-7653

Alderman Christine Winder (Ward 3)
(630) 766-5798

Alderman Eugene Wesley (Ward 4)
(630) 373-3114

Alderman Sam Lewitan (Ward 4)
(630) 227-9000

Also, don’t forget to take further action to protect our gun rights

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