Links to Non-Gun-Related Sites

Here are some links to other non-gun related sites that I have found to be useful or of interest: – My thoughts and commentary on politics, news, and everything else but guns.

Recipe Lake – Recipes and more.

Do It Yourself Home Security – Improving home security goes hand in hand with firearm ownership.

Lawyer Accessories – The website where you can find the perfect gifts and apparel for lawyers and paralegals. – Computer security.

Backwoods Bound – A wholesome website that you can visit and learn about outdoor activities, find information and products you need to plan your great outdoor adventures.

If Only They Had A Gun – Cases where a having a gun could have made all the difference – An anti smoking website.

Chicago Crime Examiner – News and discussion of crime in Chicagoland.

Etsy – handmade goods direct from their creator.