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Here are some links to other non-gun related sites that I have found to be useful or of interest: – My thoughts and commentary on politics, news, and everything else but guns.

Recipe Lake – Recipes and more.

Do It Yourself Home Security – Improving home security goes hand in hand with firearm ownership.

Lawyer Accessories – The website where you can find the perfect gifts and apparel for lawyers and paralegals. – Computer security.

Backwoods Bound – A wholesome website that you can visit and learn about outdoor activities, find information and products you need to plan your great outdoor adventures.

If Only They Had A Gun – Cases where a having a gun could have made all the difference – An anti smoking website.

Chicago Crime Examiner – News and discussion of crime in Chicagoland.

Etsy – handmade goods direct from their creator.

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  • Safe & Secure

    Gun control laws don't stop criminals.

    Now that is a fact the guy who wants to attack a women or a family at home is not the same guy that is going to get a gun permit to use it.

    Love this site

  • steve mullins


    I applied for a pardon for 3 felony conviction that I spend 9 years in person in Michigan. The prison is in Jackson Michigan. I graduated from High School and went to Jackson Community College. This was between Feb. 2, 1972. I got out on Aug, 2, 1973. I went back in Dec. 1, 1974. I went to prison when I was 17 years old. I am now 60 years old. The Governor of Michigan denied my pardon a few months ago. I've been emailing asking President Obama for a pardon. I have sent 3 letters to him asking for his help. I will continue to send once a month.
    Today I have Graduated from Community College with an 2 year associate degree (general studies) I went on to work on a Bachelor Degree of Science with three minors- Communication, Criminal Justice and Human Development.. I completed it in 1998. I am married have been for 23 years and have 3 beautiful daughters. I did work as a Therapist for substance (people with alcohol and drug problems.) I did this for over 20 years. I paid my dues to society. I am of the Native American and Irish decent. My father show me the way to hunt and how to respect a weapon. I want to pass this on to my daughters but am unable to due to my convictions.

    I need help from anyone that can give me any suggestions, leads or what ever. Please advise.

    steve m