Opposing Gun Rights Harms Our Other Basic Rights: Part 2 of 3

Unfortunately, some of the most ardent supporters of rights such as abortion, free speech, and other civil rights are also some of the same people who try to take away the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. To those people I would say that trying to take away gun rights will result in the loss of our other civil rights, such as abortion, free speech, etc. This is part 2 of the 3 part series.

Opposing guns sets a bad precedent for treatment of our basic rights

Human history, both distant and recent, tells us that no one political party or ideology stays in power forever.  US history shows us how cities and states that were once Republican can become Democratic, and vice versa.  Political power is transient.  That fact seems to be lost on those who oppose gun rights, and may result in the loss of our other basic rights in the future.

Trying to find ways to undercut the Second Amendment sets a bad precedent for the treatment of our other rights.  If it is possible, through dozens of state and federal laws, to turn the basic right to keep and bear arms into nothingness, then the same can be done for other right such as abortion, free speech, etc.

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One example is the trend of placing so called “reasonable restrictions” on the right to own a gun, under the guise of preventing crime.  The crime stats show us that such restrictions don’t prevent crime, but the gun control advocates know this, and see the restrictions as just another way to get rid of gun rights piece by piece.  If gun ownership can be so heavily regulated as to make it virtually impossible for a citizen to have a gun, then abortion too could be regulated out of existence.  Perhaps laws will be passed that only allow abortion in the first 4 weeks, and only on certain days of the week, and require a 2 week waiting period.  Perhaps abortion could be taxed similar to proposed ammunition taxation laws, with the goal of making it too expensive for most citizens.

Anti gun politicians and individuals should take note that they will not always be in the political majority, and the same methods that they use to undermine gun rights could be used against their cherished rights in the future.