Sign the Illinois Concealed Carry Petition

Published by the Author on October 24, 2008 at 12:44 am > Help Protect Our Gun Rights > Sign the Illinois Concealed Carry Petition

As it stands, Illinois is one of only two states that has no law allowing concealed carry.  The result is that criminals are armed, while law abiding citizens are defenseless.  In the hopes of changing this situation, a petition was started to bring concealed carry to Illinois:

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  • tag

    Get rid of these neanderthal politicians in Chicago along with the criminal governors of this state then the rest of the citizens might have a chance!

  • Achmed R Hurt

    I love to hunt and fish, and also i love the shooting sports. i have to protect my family.

  • hicusdicus

    Illinois being one of the most corrupt states in the union gets what it deserves and will continue too until the citizenry decides to return it to the rule of law.

  • mark johnson

    illinios needs a ccw criminals have guns but don't get ccw's . only people that are law abiding citizens get ccw's