Obama’s Anti-Gun-Rights-Attorney General – Eric Holder

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on November 20, 2008 at 4:53 pm
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As expected, Barack Obama is selecting anti gun rights individuals for key positions in his administration.  One such person is Eric Holder, who will be Attorney General:

Some of Eric Holder’s anti gun rights record:

Eric Holder signed an amicus brief in the Heller case that supported the District of Columbia’s handgun ban.

Eric Holder argued that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual right.

Eric Holder has supported national handgun licensing and mandatory trigger locks.

Obama is about as anti gun as it gets, and his administration is being filled with like minded individuals.  Obama already has a gun control plan, and with the Democrats controlling congress, it will amost certainly be implemented. As I’ve said before, now is a good time to join the NRA, to help fight for our gun rights, and to buy a gun.

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  • gary

    Good Day to you all;

    i am writing this knowing that I am
    ” preaching to the choir”, as a frriend of mine was fond of saying but it still needs to be said and I would ask anyone that reads this to think it through and to respond as you would see fit.

    One of the things that just keeps coing home to me is that there are so many studies, documented facts and information showing that gun control does not work.

    Los Angeles, Chicago, DC, Philly and on and on are poseters for the failure of gun control.

    FBI statics show the same thing, gun control does not work.

    i believe that our elected officals are not stupid folks, nor are the ignotant of the facts that I just sited.
    If that is so, and I think it is, then I can only draw the conclusion that they are actively trying to disarm the American people.
    But to what end ?
    Total dependence on Govenment ? Domination by that govenment ? or another? Could it be that there are outside influences, such as the UN, or the European, or even Mexican that would seek to overthrow the USA, and our liberal pols are taking us down that path.

    Over the course of thislast week I have seen the Right to Carry in the National parks overturned by a Federal Court under the guise of an ” enviromental impact study”, I have seen hearings in the House and the Senate on the ” illegal guns from the US going to Mexico.
    Just today I saw General Wesley Clarke, USArmy RET. make the comment that guns were the problem. He is an educated man, a military man that professed to defend the USA ” against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. He took an oath to do that !

    What is the agenda that the new administration has? How will we respond to it ?

    The question begs asking, the answer seems obvious.

    Gary Waggoner

  • gary

    wow !!

    I just re read my original post, I am so sorry for all the spelling errors !
    try and over look them and get the context of the post.