Carjacker Beaten by Hero with a Frozen Turkey

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As reported, a criminal who had just robbed a gas station was looking to steal a getaway vehicle.  The criminal came upon a 53-year-old woman walking near her car, and began beating her, causing serious injuries.  A man who had just purchased a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving rushed over, and began to beat the violent carjacker with the turkey.  Other citizens came to the woman’s aid as well, including a woman who tried unsuccessfully to prevent the criminal from escaping in the victim’s car.  The criminal was captured by police and hospitalized a short while later, after he crashed into 5 cars in the parking lot, possibly due to the turkey beating that he received.  The criminal is accused of this carjacking, another recent carjacking, and a whole host of related crimes.

First, I want to extend my congratulations to the law abiding citizens who came to the aid of the woman who was being attacked.  Their willingness to risk injury to themselves in order to save another person and stop a crime in progress is to be commended.

I think that this also shows the importance of concealed carry rights and gun ownership.  Here, a criminal was able to inflict serious injury on a woman who was going about her lawful business, even know multiple law abiding citizens came to her aid.  A frozen turkey is no substitute for a gun.  Had one of these law abiding citizens been armed, things may have turned out better for the victim.

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My thanks to Anders for pointing out this story :)

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