More Chicago Politicians Who Needlessly Have Taxpayer-Funded Bodyguards

I’ve previously discussed how Chicago’s anti gun rights politicians spend millions in taxpayer money on bodyguards for themselves at at time when ordinary Chicago citizens are dying faster than US soldiers in Iraq. The Sun-Times now reports that Chicago City Treasurer Stephanie Neely and Chicago Alderman Edward M. Burke, still have police officers permanently assigned to chauffeur and protect them, despite the fact that these individuals have no particular reason to fear for their safety.  Instead, having police officers assigned is a status symbol and luxury for those individuals:

Influential Chicago politicians have long been afforded the luxury of having Chicago police office assigned as their full time chauffeurs and body guards, even when such individuals needed no extra protection.  For example, former Chicago City Clerk Jim Laski had 4 such officers assigned to him – until he was caught up in the hired truck scandal back in 2006.  Nowadays, politicians such as Chicago City Treasurer Stephanie Neely and Chicago Alderman Edward M. Burke enjoy the perks – as does Mayor Daley.

The inherent unfairness and waste here should be apparent.  Millions of dollars of taxpayer money is spent so that influential politicians can have chauffeur and bodyguards that they don’t need, while ordinary citizens are shot on the streets; sometimes with 5 murders occurring within a 12 hour time frame.  Other times, 7 people will be shot in a single drive by, and some Chicago residents end up being shot 3 times in a single yearDomestic violence victims also go unprotected.  Making matters worse, Chicago is short on funds and has delayed the hiring of new police officers because of this budgetary problem.  Perhaps the taxpayer money would be best spent protecting those taxpayers with extra police officers on the street, rather than having cops play chauffeur for Chicago politicians whose safety is not in jeopardy?