Seven People Shot in a Single Chicago Drive-By

Published by the Author on November 2, 2008 at 4:43 pm > Gun Related News > Seven People Shot in a Single Chicago Drive-By

As reported, 7 people were shot on the 5300 block of West Lake Street in Chicago, when shots were fired from a passing van.  The shooting victims were leaving a social club at 4:45am when the shooting occurred.  4 of the victims are in critical condition.

This is yet more proof that the Chicago handgun ban doesn’t work.  The handgun ban hasn’t stopped home invasion shootings.  It hasn’t stopped domestic violence related shootings.  It hasn’t stopped shootings on CTA buses.  Nor has it stopped unintentional shootings.  About all the Chicago handgun ban does do is prevent law abiding people from defending themselves against gun ban ignoring criminals.

Chicago residents need to ask themselves, and their elected officials, why Chicago is the murder capital of the United States, in a time when crime is down in other major cities.  They should also ask why Chicago is now a more dangerous place for Americans than Iraq.  They should ask why influential aldermen get special gun amnesties for themselves.  Finally, they should ask why politicians like Mayor Daley give themselves 24/7 police protection, but deny ordinary citizens the right to even have a handgun in their home for self defense.

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  • Mike

    Makes me glad I moved out of Chicago…