Rosanna Pulido : A Pro-Gun-Rights Replacement for Rahm Emanuel

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Rahm Emanuel is an anti gun politician who recently became Barack Obama‘s chief of staff.  He was previously the the US Congressman for Illinois’ 5th congressional district – a congressional seat that is now vacant.  The seat will soon be filled through an election, with the primary occurring on March 3, 2009, and the general election on April 7, 2009.  Getting a pro gun rights individual elected would be a nice change, especially since the president is anti gun, and both chambers of congress are controlled by anti gun politicians:

Rosanna Pulido is running for congress to fill the seat vacated by Rahm Emanuel, and she emailed me earlier this week with information about her pro gun rights credentials.  I’m rather impressed her history of supporting our gun rights, and thought I would share them:

Rosanna Pulido is a 2nd Amendment supporter and activist, as well as a Chicago resident who was born and raised in the 5th Congressional District.

She was an EVC with the NRA from 2000-2007.

Rosanna Pulido has organized classes for women who never shot a gun before…

She attended IGOLD in March 2008 and was a HOST for the Heller rally in Downtown Chicago last summer.

I asked Rosanna Pulido a few follow up questions too:

1. If elected, what is the first thing you will do to support the gun rights of the 5th Congressional district’s law abiding citizen?

In Chicago if you SAY the word “guns” are suspect! The theme of my campaign is “Bringing back COMMON SENSE” to the Illinois 5Th Congressional district.

The best and example and the one most related to by the folks in Illinois is the Hal Demar case. Is it “Common Sense” to treat a man who is protecting his family as a criminal?

Conversations must be had with the voters who constantly hear the garbage from Mayor Daley and the rest of his gun hating crew. Of course it has got to be mentioned that Mayor Daley has plenty of guns to protect HIM.

Also living in a city where murders have gone through the roof, women should be able to protect themselves. But women in Illinois cannot practice conceal and carry like other American women across the country. This is outrageous!

2. What is your stance on banning so-called “assault weapons”?

This fraudulent misrepresentation of assault weapons which the gun hating groups are so good at is a great disservice to Americans.

Such media sensationalism is designed to exploit fear of violent crime, while doing nothing to accurately educate the public about the policy issues. Dishonesty may drive up television viewer ratings, but its end result is spreading propaganda.

The ban draws arbitrary distinctions based upon the gun’s cosmetic appearance, while failing to even consider the weapon’s functional use or relationship to violent crime.

3. Is there anything else you would like to say to the voters at this time?

I have been a grassroots activist on many fronts. I invite folks to “Google” my name and read the issues I have been involved in. We are in desperate need of Leaders who lead by EXAMPLE. I strive to be a principled person.
All we hear in the news is about “BAILOUTS” for the rich and Famous. Bailouts for Banks, Bailouts for Wall Street.

Guess what folks, MY past record has been about working for “BAILOUTS” for the Average American Citizen!

I was at the Arizona/Mexico border bringing attention to out Open Borders and our government asleep at the wheel. Open borders has bankrupted our country and has allowed illegal aliens to steal American jobs! Being in the middle of a great economic downturn, I know some Americans who would appreciate all of the jobs now held by those unlawfully in this country.

I testified in Washington D.C. in 2007 on illegal immigration and how it is hurting my fellow American people.

I have worked to “BAILOUT” the gun owners by educating women who had know prior knowledge of hand guns. Education takes away fear! I traveled to our state Capitol with other Illinois Gun owners to make sure Politicians know we are out here and to lobby on behalf of those who want to exercise their constitutional rights!

I have worked to “BAILOUT” senior citizens who must give up their car keys. I have been a caregiver to both my parents and it is tough stuff. We need to help our “Older and Wiser” gang as much as we can. They built the country and fought for the country. I work in Senior Citizen advocacy and was part of a volunteer transportation task force striving to give our seniors the transportation they need, once they give up their car keys. I also started a radio show called “Care Givers Radio Featuring the Best in Senior Care”.

I have a record of “BAILING OUT” the right people! All at my own expense, all on my own time, it is called VOLUNTEERISM. Now that I have proved myself to be a vigilante protector of Freedom, I am asking for gun owners support.

This primary will happen very quickly! The Primary is March 3rd, 2009.
Rain, sleet or snow, I need gun owners in the Illinois 5th Congressional district to get up off the couch and come out and vote in the Primary!!

Chances are you know gun owners on the northside of Chicago or in
Franklin Park, Melrose Park, Schiller Park, Elmwood Park and Northlake Illinois.

That is the 5Th Congressional district. Please network though e-mails, send friends a link to my website
and help spread the word.

We have got a Country to Save!!

Rosanna Pulido

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