Caught on Tape: Man Defends Self Against 4 Armed Home Invaders

Published by the Author on February 12, 2009 at 12:07 pm > Video Clips > Caught on Tape: Man Defends Self Against 4 Armed Home Invaders

Four armed home invaders attacked a man in his Tuscon, AZ home.  Fortunately the man had a gun, and was able to scare the home invaders away, injuring at least one of them, who was soon captured by police.  His home surveillance system captured the attempted home invasion, and the video clip is shown below.  Once again, gun ownership saves lives.

My thanks to James for emailing me this video clip.

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  • Jamie

    What if he hadn’t been home? The surveilance camera’s would have caught the thieves after the fact… but I’d recommend also a good deterrant, like a LARGE DOG BARKING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE.

    We have guns for home protection, but I’m still very glad to also have our furry friends keeping watch over us at night, and barking at the neighbors (sigh), AND would-be robbers casing the joint, during the day.

    At the very least, they can keep the robbers busy while you find your gun and dial 911.

    • sylvia

      i am sorry to tell you this but a dog does not always stop them!!!! that is a false security!!! we have
      six dogs and they came in anyways it did not stop them. my alpha mom and dad tried to stop them-
      they were not killed but were bruised. at least 4 of them had been kicked. when we came home there
      was poop everywhere my dogs do not do this–they had to be very upset. we later found specks
      of blood behind doors and in bathrooms. we are fortunate that they were not killed or us. you see
      we are usually home. i believe they wanted us home. my husband has a gun safe–they made a bee
      line to it. it was hidden in a apsecure place. we live in a rural area among the amish. we thought
      we were safe and noone paid any attention to us. we were wrong. my daughter and i now have guns
      and know how to shoot them!!! the dogs can only warn us we need to protect them as well as us.

  • Edmond Hudgins

    I have really enjoyed the discussion. As a Husband,Parent,Ex-Army,Gunsmith I am well armed for whatever comes along. I am working on more training. Can't have enough. Preperation is most important. I have guns & knives all over my house. No more kids.

    I come from the 12Ga,.308,AR,.45 school. I will say my .45's don't jam but sure as I do, one or more will tomorrow.

    The SA in the Pic won't do much good with the stripped Frame(lower for none Gun Folks) Ed H

  • joe

    The Dog barks, The home owner wakes up, the intruder gets shot! It's a three part equation!

    • Choices

      Dog got euthanized, homeowner got jailed, and intruder now owns the home.

  • p.a.r

    to the lady sylvia that has six dogs you need to down size thats to many mutts what are you running a refuge for dogs the dogs most refer to as barking dogs is one that aware of danger and strangers ,does not have to always be trained to attack would be plus though give me dog that barks anytime even if it's a mutt like someone posted earlier it give's me time to get armed or call 911 and if the intruder hears the dog they might leave most crimminals want to get in and get out i have no time for a pooch that wont alarm me thats what god made them for our campanion and proctection