A Citizen Who Just Doesn’t Get It

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on February 25, 2009 at 12:04 am
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As reported, residents of Salinas, California grilled Police Commander Dino Bardoni about the problem of gang-related crime.  One of the residents had a question that I first thought was a joke, but which appears to actually be serious:

The initial question was posed by Peter Valdez of Salinas, who wanted to know why gun locks couldn’t be enforced in the city – forcing gang members to lock their guns in order to transport them.

While I’m sure that Mr. Valdez’s heart is in the right place, I really must question how he could believe that a gang banging criminal who is bent on murder would obey a law that says he must lock up his gun.  Such criminals aren’t willing to obey laws that tell them they can’t have a gun, laws that tell them they can’t carry a gun, laws that prohibit the discharge of a gun in city limits, or the laws that tell them not to kill people.  It therefore defies all credulity to think that such criminals would obey this particular law.  Instead, gun locks just ensure that law abiding citizens are at a potentially fatal disadvantage as they fumble with their gun lock while a criminal attacks.

To his credit, Commander Bardoni answered the question directly and politely:

“Gang member are not going to adhere to the law,” said Bardoni, referring to how the criminals use illegal guns.

Unfortunately for the rights of law abiding gun owners, there are many people like Mr. Valdez out there, who seem to incorrectly believe that one more anti gun rights law will somehow stop criminals from committing crimes.  Perhaps if we all take time to speak with our anti gun friends and relatives, and take them shooting for the first time, then this situation can be improved.

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My thanks to Anders for pointing out this story.

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