Armed Woman Ejects Home Invaders From Her House

As reported, a woman was in her Sanford, FL home when two men broke in through the windows. At first, she hid from the men, but then fearing for her safety, pulled out a gun and shot at them, apparently hitting one criminal. The woman was then able to chase the criminals from her home, and she was not harmed. One of the criminals has since been arrested, and the police are seeking the other.

Once again, guns allow law abiding citizens to protect themselves from violent criminals.  When an unarmed woman is attacked by home invaders, she is often raped, shot, stabbed, tortured, murdered, or otherwise victimized, as few women can fend off a young male attackereven if that attacker is unarmed.  On the other hand, armed women can stop burglars, stop home invaders, and stop other criminals who try to victimize them.   That is why I support gun ownership, especially for women.