Bar Owners Don’t Even Notice Lawful Concealed Carry

Last year, Kansas modified its concealed carry laws to permit patrons at bars to carry. WIBW reports that bar owners are largely unaware that their customers have been lawfully carrying, and the reason the bar owners are unaware is simple: concealed carry permit holders are not the cause of gun related crime, and are instead an asset to our society.

Concealed carry permit holders across the nation help to protect not only their safety, but the safety of everyone around them. It should come as no surprise that the people who are willing to go to all the trouble of getting a concealed carry permit, paying the fee, and usually being fingerprinted, are not the people who go to bar and commit crimes with guns. Having concealed carry permit holders in the building can stop the mass shootings that have happened in “gun free zones” (which are really just places that only criminals have guns).

Unfortunately, there are politicians and anti gun campaigners who tirelessly fight to take away our right to defend ourselves and our families with guns (which is why I am an NRA member).