Armed Little Rock Man Defends Wife from Armed and Violent Robber

As reported, an armed robber was shot by a would-be victim outside a Little Rock, Arkansas Wal-Mart.  The criminal approached the couple as they walked to their car, brandished a silver revolver, and tried to grab the woman’s purse.  A struggle ensued, and the husband drew his gun (for which he had a concealed carry permit) and pointed it at the robber.  The husband repeatedly told the robber to stop and leave, however the criminal persisted, and the husband shot the robber multiple times.  The robber survived and was taken to a local hospital, with charges expected.  Two suspected accomplices that were nearby were also arrested.  The wife suffered minor injures from the criminal’s attack, but is otherwise OK.This is yet another of the many examples of armed self defense, and another reason why I support the right to own a gun – and to carry that gun for self defense.  Had this man not been armed, he or his wife may have been shot for not having enough money, as criminals are known to do. Or, perhaps the criminal would have shot them just to be cruel, as they are also known to do.  It is also possible that the criminal could have chosen to abduct and rape the woman, as has happened in plenty of robberies.   Luckily for this man and his wife, he was armed and was able to fight off the criminal, rather than having to hope that the criminal would show mercy.  The criminals’ future victims also benefit, as these men will be behind bars and unable to victimize others.