Stabbing of Children up 72% in England Over the Last Decade

As reported, the number of children in the UK hospitalized with knife attack wounds is up 72% compared to 10 years ago (around when that country’s strict gun control laws were enacted).  In other words, not only did gun related crime rise after the gun ban, but so did knife related crime:

As I’ve previously discussed, Britain enacted a series of laws that bars most gun ownership, and and restricts the carrying of knives.  British citizens who shoot criminals that break into their homes have been convicted of murder, and then denied parole because they showed no remorse for defending themselves, and would “continue to pose a danger to any other burglars.”  Not surprisingly, criminals increasingly ignore the gun control laws and continue to commit their crimes against the now-defenseless victims.

The increase in the use of knives by criminals should not come as a surprise either.  Britain’s problem is not the presence of gun, or the presence of knives, but instead the presence of criminals.  The only way that the crime problem will be solved is to take steps to prevent children from growing up to be criminals, and to take the existing criminals off the street.  The current approach of increasingly restrictive gun laws, which prevent even the British Olympic pistol team from practicing in their own country, are not working.

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Focusing on inanimate objects, rather than the intentional actions of criminals, will not address the problem of crime.  It is time for politicians on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to realize this, and stop trying to ban guns, which are the most effective self defense tool yet invented by humanity.

My thanks to Anders for pointing out the article about increasing “knife crime.”