Anti Gun Legislator Shot Armed Criminal in Self Defense

Although this story is a nearly 2 years old, I couldn’t help but make note of it:  Back in July of 2007, Texas State Representative Borris Miles was fixing a leak on the second floor of a Houston, TX house that he was building.  He heard a noise downstairs, and upon investigation found two men stealing copper from from the house.  He confronted the thieving criminals, only to have one of them throw a pocket knife at him.  He shot one criminal in the leg in self defense.  Normally this is where the story would end, however there is a twist here.  Representative Miles, who has a concealed carry permit, voted against the castle doctrine law that was about to go into effect, which prevents law abiding people who defend themselves from being prosecuted for defending themselves.  This type of hypocrisy is sadly quite common in anti gun politicians.